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Television mounts for caravans

Even though a caravanning holiday presents a welcome opportunity to escape, you may still want to keep up with your favourite television shows and watch the news while you are away. Mounting your television to a bracket is a handy way to minimise the space your television takes up. Many mounts also have arms that…


Reversing camera options

Reversing with a caravan is a tricky task, so anything that makes the job easier is always welcome by those who dread reversing into a tight campsite. Reversing cameras can assist in these situations and can also be helpful for identifying any potential hazards directly behind a caravan that may not be visible in the…


Decorate with solar fairy lights

There are a number of new innovations not specifically designed for caravans but that lend themselves nicely to the nomadic caravanning lifestyle. Solar fairy lights fit neatly into this category, providing a unique touch to your caravan come nightfall. Decorating a caravan as you would your home is not always possible as you are restricted…


Display photos in your caravan

Keep your loved ones near while you’re on the road by displaying photos around your caravan. Sometimes displaying photos of your loved ones while you’re travelling in a caravan means you need to get creative. Loose frames can slide around and need to be packed away each time you hit the road so, if you’d…


Improve your caravan’s TV signal

Having access to a reliable TV connection can be something easily taken for granted until you hit the road. There are a number of ways you can connect to the free-to-air service from a caravan, using devices such as satellite dishes and digital set-top boxes. If you have always used an analog TV in your…