Escaping in the caravan presents more opportunities for play but, for those who like big toys such as dirt bikes or jet skis, it can be difficult to take both a caravan and any extra goods away with you.

n the past, taking things such as ATVs on the road meant hitching a trailer to the back of the caravan, creating a long and potentially dangerous on-road set-up. This is where toy haulers can come in handy. They offer all of the amenities of a caravan, as well as storage space for things such as mountain bikes, quad bikes or large surfboards. The rear of the caravan folds down, creating a ramp to load your toys into the caravan. Internal features such as heavy-duty flooring and tie-down straps are also incorporated into the design to ensure durability and the security of the load.

To keep things compact, most toy haulers will have fold-down bunk beds above the storage area, as well as a fold-out bed at the front of the caravan. This set-up and large storage capacity makes toy haulers a popular choice for families, as there’s enough space for extra bikes and bunk beds for the kids to sleep on.

One thing to consider is that toy haulers are heavier than most caravans, and their contents will add extra weight when loaded, so you’ll need to ensure your tow vehicle can accommodate the model you are interested in. Some toy haulers that offer a more luxurious caravanning experience are designed as larger fifth-wheelers, but you can also find more compact models, such as the 16-foot pop-top Newell Toy Hauler series from Melbourne company Trailblazers RV.