There are a number of new innovations not specifically designed for caravans but that lend themselves nicely to the nomadic caravanning lifestyle.

Solar fairy lights fit neatly into this category, providing a unique touch to your caravan come nightfall. Decorating a caravan as you would your home is not always possible as you are restricted by what you can take away, but solar fairy lights can be a great way to have a bit of fun with your caravanning set-up. They take up minimal space, are relatively easy to set up (depending upon how fussy you are with hanging them), and provide a soft source of light outdoors. These are particularly well suited to those who often stay in unpowered locations, as the lights don’t require electricity.

With Christmas lingering just around the corner, coloured fairy lights can also add a festive touch to your caravanning set-up and spread a little Christmas cheer during the month of December.