Keep your loved ones near while you’re on the road by displaying photos around your caravan.

Sometimes displaying photos of your loved ones while you’re travelling in a caravan means you need to get creative. Loose frames can slide around and need to be packed away each time you hit the road so, if you’d like to display photos in your caravan, you might like to try some new ideas.

By tying some sting securely across the top of your caravan’s ceiling, you can use craft pegs to hang your favourite photos. As well as being a fun way to display photos, this method will take away the chance of any glass frames breaking. Just make sure the string is high enough to stay out of your way.

You might also like to try securing your photos on any magnetic surfaces with fridge magnets, or having your photos printed onto magnets. Your local printing shop may also offer the option of printing photos on key chains, mugs and other items you can take with you. If you’re set on using photo frames, you can always consider using double-sided Velcro strips to keep your photos secure on your caravan’s walls.

You could also have your memories displayed in a coffee-table photo book.